The next phase of the Smart Health Amsterdam initiative – the merging into Amsterdam AI – will be festively launched at the official residence of the mayor of Amsterdam.

This is a private event. Without a personal invitation, it is not possible to attend.

Launch of Smart Health Amsterdam in 2019.

Amsterdam Economic Board and the City of Amsterdam, together with many partners, have been working since 2019 on strengthening the Life Sciences & Health ecosystem in the Amsterdam region. In four years, the Smart Health Amsterdam initiative has achieved great results. The sector has been put on the map (inter)nationally and the initiative encourages collaboration and data-driven innovation in healthcare. Also check out the Smart Health Amsterdam platform.

The Amsterdam AI coalition, formerly AI Technology for People, has been working since late 2019 to encourage investment in and innovation with artificial intelligence. Amsterdam AI, as a collective with other parties, focuses on practical applications of responsible artificial intelligence with a human-centered and multidisciplinary approach. The health sector is an important pillar for Amsterdam AI.

Therefore, the merger of Smart Health Amsterdam with Amsterdam AI is a logical next step. To work together on expanding the ecosystem and a strong, data-driven Life Sciences & Health sector in the Amsterdam region.

Where and when?

Board event

Contact us

  • Gerty Holla | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Gerty Holla

    Lead Health

    Amsterdam Economic Board

  • Yvonne Roos | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Yvonne Roos

    Communications Strategy & Stakeholders Manager Smart Health Amsterdam

    Amsterdam Economic Board




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