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For all entrepreneurs, policy makers and others who make innovation possible, the province of North Holland is organizing the second Innovation Festival on Thursday, October 27, 2022. Be inspired by the most high-profile innovations and initiatives from the province and seek to connect with each other.


The final program will follow later.

You are welcome on Thursday, October 27 from 12:30 to 17:30 at CupolaXS in Haarlem!

The Innovation Festival Noord-Holland is an initiative of the Province of North-Holland implemented by the teams of GO!-NH and PIM.

Background information

Innovation lives in the province of North Holland! In the province, building blocks are made from residual waste, sustainable paint is produced, energy is generated from waves in the North Sea, and much more. Time to celebrate these innovations. We also want to put the professionals who make these innovations possible in the spotlight. With this event, we want to inspire you to also get started with (even more) innovative projects.

In 2019, the first Innovation Festival Noord-Holland was held in Alkmaar. That was a successful edition with almost 1,000 visitors who all contributed to the solutions for the most important social challenges. Due to corona, the editions after that unfortunately did not take place, but on 27 October 2022 the long-awaited 2nd edition will finally follow.

Where and when?

Partner event
  • Province of North-Holland
  • 27/10/2022
  • 12:30 -


  • CupolaXS

Contact us

  • Rolinka Kok

    Event Manager

    Amsterdam Economic Board



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