Economic Board Flevoland and Amsterdam Economic Board invite the Dutch Economic Boards to the Floriade on Monday 19 September.

The event offers the opportunity to work together on two topics: broad prosperity and supraregional cooperation. How current are the topics for your Board? Does your Board have an active role in this? And how do you handle that?


  • Walk-in and registration
  • Welcome by Erwin van der Weide (Economic Board Flevoland) & Antonio Carretero (Amsterdam Economic Board)
  • Short introduction Boards to inspire each other: What are you proud of? What works well or what is a good example of success in the past period? What doesn’t work? What did not work or did not go well and what do you want to protect the other Boards from?
  • Introduction to strategic topics: How can we work in a more agenda-setting / guiding way based on broad prosperity and make this applicable? How can we strengthen supraregional cooperation (eg also towards central government and in cooperation with the ROMs)?
  • Break-out sessions: Making Broad Welfare applicable session, Strengthening supraregional cooperation session
  • Feedback – sharing insights and conclusions
  • Start tour at the Floriade Expo 2022
  • network drink

Where and when?

Board event
  • Economic Board Flevoland, Amsterdam Economic Board
  • 19/09/2022
  • hour entry time
  • 14:00 -


  • Floriade Expo 2022 - Weerwater Entree

Contact us

  • Antonio Carretero de Jong

    Senior Strategist and Deputy Director

    Amsterdam Economic Board

  • Lia Hsu

    Strategic Advisor

    Amsterdam Economic Board



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