What opportunities do data and new technologies offer to address urban and societal challenges? That’s what Data Dilemmas is all about.

Data Dilemmas is a collaboration between the Amsterdam Smart City programme and the City of Amsterdam’s DataLab. Three times a year, they explore opportunities to use data and new technologies to address urban and societal challenges. This time the focus is on responsible digitalisation within mobility.


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The goal of Data Dilemmas is to use data to make cities safer, cleaner and more accessible. But what happens to all the data that is collected? What dilemmas do we encounter when collecting (personal) data to improve the city? These questions are important for everyone: governments, knowledge institutions, companies and civil society. Amsterdam Smart City would like to explore with you what decisions are needed for responsible use of data.

Where and when?

Board event
  • Amsterdam Smart City, DataLab Amsterdam
  • 25 May 2023
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  • Francien Huizing

    Programme Director a.i.

    Amsterdam Smart City




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