Combining different data sources has enormous potential, which often remains unnoticed. When thinking of data sharing, we often think of mistrust and abuse. But it can be done differently, by sharing data in a data commons. A place where data is a resource at the service of the community.

At the end of last year, the Amsterdam Economic Board has started the initiative Responsible data sharing with data commons. With a group of organisations we’re starting a number of data commons to jointly learn what the key elements are for a successful data common. In this second community meeting on April 13th, we’ll share what we’ve accomplished so far, how we’ll move forward and how you can strengthen our community.

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At this community meeting we’ll dive deeper into data commons. We’ll talk about the European Data Acts in general and specifically the Data Governance Act. What is the impact of these acts on organisations with regard to data? How can data commons play their part in this? Experts in the field will share their latest insights and relevant knowledge.

The event is held in Dutch. The final programme will soon follow.

More information

In the Responsible data sharing with data commons initiative, the Amsterdam Economic Board wants to investigate how to use the potential of data in a responsible way for social purposes. This means: transparant, fair, inclusive and while remaining in control over your own data. We’ll dive into this topic, together with partners from knowledge institutes, social organisations, corporates and governments. Discover more about Responsible data sharing with data commons.

Where and when?

Board event
  • Amsterdam Economic Board
  • 13 Apr 2023
  • 03:30 -

    05:00 pm

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