Amsterdam Smart City’s Transition Day is coming up! A day dedicated to major transition tasks in the region. Precisely those transition tasks that can only be taken forward by working together. Because despite all the differences in the Amsterdam Smart City network, they all agree on one thing: we desperately need each other to tackle the major societal challenges. Now more than ever.

You are therefore cordially invited to the annual Amsterdam Smart City Transition Day on 6 June at Zoku in Amsterdam. A day organised in close cooperation with Kennisland, Drift, HvA, RHDHV and Flatland.

Full commitment to barriers and breakthroughs

This year, we are fully committed to advancing ongoing challenges and topical themes: local energy systems, mobility justice, responsible inclusive digitalisation and the urgency of focusing on a circular economy. Because in this too, the Amsterdam Smart City network is very clear: we are far from finished with these topics. Central questions are: where do we get stuck, what does that require of us and what will we do differently together to take the necessary transition tasks a step further?

Breaking down barriers and taking major issues a step further

New entry points for taking the challenges a step further are being sought. Barriers are removed or clarified, allowing for a renewed energy in the conversation to take the issues further. The goal is that you leave inspired, with new insights and new perspectives for action. That you take away something you can apply the next day, big or small.

Not directly involved in an Amsterdam Smart City case study? Even then, or maybe especially then, your input is badly needed and the sessions are super instructive!


  • Walk-in
  • Welcome and intro
  • Experts by experience tell their stories
  • Closing of the morning
  • Lunch
  • Work sessions Mobility justice, local energy systems, responsible, inclusive digitalisation and urgency of the circular economy
  • What do we take away and how do we move forward?
  • Closing

The day will conclude together with a snack and drink. Can’t come to the transition day? But do you want to experience the Amsterdam Smart City energy on 6 June? Feel free to join us for the informal day closing from 4:15 p.m.

More information

Amsterdam Smart City is an independent platform with an international community of more than 8,000 changemakers. Connected to Metropolitan Amsterdam, where the now 24 connected public and private partners co-create with each other and the community. The online platform is open to anyone interested in and working on urban development, innovation, sustainability and technology.

Not only today, but also in the future, we want to live and work in a healthy city. Cities are becoming increasingly crowded and we are experiencing the effects of climate change and pollution. Therefore, Amsterdam Smart City is looking at issues such as: how do we make the transition from fossil to renewable energy? Can we turn waste into raw materials? How do we switch to clean and electric transportation? And how do we keep our digital world transparent and understandable?

Where and when?

Board event
  • Amsterdam Smart City, Kennisland, Drift, HvA, RHDHV and Flatland
  • 06 Jun 2023
  • 10:00 AM -

    4:15 PM

Contact us

  • Francien Huizing

    Programme Director a.i.

    Amsterdam Smart City

  • Patricia Hoogland | Amsterdam Smart City | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Patricia Hoogland

    Communications and Programme Manager a.i.

    Amsterdam Smart City




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