What is the occupancy of a building during the day? Do people have preferences for certain elevators? How full are trash cans and soap dispensers?

With the explosion of sensors, we know more and more about the use of buildings and public spaces. But in most cases, not all data may be used without question, and sensors belong to different owners with specific requirements. This makes data sharing time-consuming and costly.

The H20 Esports Campus, along with AMdEX, KPN, iShare and Facility Apps, has broken this catch-22 for sharing sensitive data. They show that it is possible to share such data between multiple parties and still keep a grip on their own data.


They will talk more about this on Sept. 14. The programme:

  • What are the challenges involved in sharing sensor data? – Hayo Schreijer (Dexes) & Dirk Tuip (H20 Esports Campus)
  • How is iShare used to identify participants? – Gerard van der Hoeven (iShare)
  • How does the Smart Building data space function in practice? – Smart Building Team

Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to meet and catch up.

The event will be held in Dutch.

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Admission to this event is free. Registration is required.

More information

With AMdEX, we are developing a digital notary. This notary provides contracts to organisations that want to share data. AMdEX also enforces the terms of these contracts. The contracts support simple data transactions between two organisations. But also complex AI algorithms, which must access data stored in multiple places.

Find out more about the digital notary AMdEX.

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