Why is the transition to a circular economy important to the AMA?

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) is resource poor and thus dependent on importing energy sources and raw materials. Because resources are becoming scarcer, we want to limit this dependency as far as possible. Moreover, we see the conservation of products, components, materials and resources as an opportunity for the AMA, which, apart from limiting resource dependency, will result in:

  • savings in expenditure
  • the creation of new industry and employment
  • the development of knowledge, innovation and startups
  • reduction in pressure on the environment

What are the AMA’s strengths in comparison to other regions?

Large quantities of products and materials circulate in the densely populated Amsterdam Area. In addition, it is a hotspot for innovative entrepreneurs. Cooperation and innovation are in our DNA: together with companies, government, academic institutions and active residents we are taking major steps towards a circular economy.

The AMA’s varied economic structure also offers opportunities to make connections that contribute to the development of a circular economy.

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