Circular Economy

By 2025, the Amsterdam Area aims to be a frontrunner in the field of smart solutions for resource conservation, so valuable resources will be used mor... Bekijken

Digital Connectivity

In 2025, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will be the hub for data-driven innovation. This is only possible if we are in charge of data, and not the ot... Bekijken


The Board has made the choice to focus on a flexible, robust and affordable energy system, a system that helps us achieve an energy supply that is cle... Bekijken


To achieve the ambitions on our five metropolitan challenges, stakeholders from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area participate in European cooperation pr... Bekijken


The ambition of our metropolitan challenge for health is that by 2025, inhabitants of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will have gained two healthy lif... Bekijken

Jobs of the Future

The EU is important for the Talent for the Future Challenge of the Amsterdam Economic Board. Our ambition is to have the most most adaptive and appeal... Bekijken


Mobility is essential for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We want the region to be as accessible as possible, and we also aim for sustainable solutio... Bekijken