All the Board’s ambitions are aimed at ensuring a smart, green and healthy future for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: a CO2-neutral region with a circular economy, in which we live longer and healthier lives, and a secure, sustainable digital society for everyone to develop their talent.

Smart 2025

By 2025, a fair and sustainable digital economy will be taking shape. In a digital society, public values will be safeguarded, enabling us to apply technology responsibly to social issues and the digitisation of the economy.

Green 2025

In 2025, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will be an attractive region with prospects of a sustainable future for new generations. It will be on the way to CO2-neutral industry and zero-emission mobility, with the reuse of renewable materials.

Healthy 2025

In 2025, on average, we will have two more years of healthy living. We are committed to supporting longer and healthier lives in a healthy environment. Focus areas are clean transport, the reuse of materials and the smart use of data and artificial intelligence.

We are working to achieve our ambitions via our initiatives and programmes.