Workshop Green ICT in Practice

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  • This is why the project is putting together a series of hands-on workshops, around Europe to raise awareness on what Green ICT is for companies to engage with tools and services that can make us more energy efficient in ICT and to allow a platform for policy makers to introduce actions as part of national digital agendas to help us make a better sustainable world for our environment and for the business environment we work in.

    The Workshop

    The half-day stimulating, yet intensive workshop will be divided into three different parts:

    • The first part of the day will be dedicated to policy and public administration interventions on national policies and programmesand a state of the art of measures that are being taken in Green ICT in the region. Renowned players of the region will provide interventions and allow the audience to see what priorities are available as well as opportunities. The results will feed into the Policy roadmap report that will deliver at the end of the project that can serve to deliver some recommendations to policies on future topics and priorities that need further research.
    • The second part of the workshop will be offered to showcase best practices from the marketplace of reputable Green ICT tools and services available to help companies become better in ICT energy efficiency. This will lead to a Q&A open discussion with members of ICTFOOTPRINT’ esteemed External Advisory Group (EAG) members who can provide thought-provoking insights and questions to the panellists pitching their products and services.
    • The final part of the workshop will be an interactive training session with the participants who will complete the Self-Assessment Organization tool accessed here: and will provide user experience feedback with our experts. As the consortium has identified a series of success stories on its marketplace – they will also be invited to contribute actively to the workshop and provide an overview of their solutions on offer.

    Who should attend?

    Innovators, ICT intensive SMEs wishing to become Green ICT friendly, researchers, policy makers and funding agencies looking to assess future priorities and challenges in Green ICT. Public adminstrations, larger organisations.

    Key benefits

    Participants will find out what Green ICT is all about and gain valuable insights on current research priorities and potential opportunities in the area of ICT energy efficiency and sustainability. The event will bring together a reputable group of expert opinion leaders who are knowledgeable about IT resource efficiency and green ICT, and a heterogeneous audience providing the perfect occasion for networking and to share experiences. Best practices and innovative solutions will be showcased completing the offerings of this dense yet informal event. From the event, you can:

    • Develop your organisation’s Green ICT assessment during the hands-on session with our SAT-O;
    • Grab the opportunity to become a member on our marketplace as a buyer or seller and become part of our green ICT growing community
    • Gain a whole new understanding of why Green ICT should become your priority & how it can be affordable for SMEs;
    • Learn about tools and products on the market in Europe today that are providing Green ICT products.

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