VU Hackathon Battle: Managing Anxiety via Innovative Technologies

  • Health
  • Why this hackathon?

    As the population in North-West Europe is aging, the prevalence of people living with Alzheimer’s Disease or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is also growing. The management of anxiety is crucial for both mental health conditions. The COVID-19 healthcare crisis and lockdown measures put in place led to an increase in the digitalization of health care. IT4Anxiety aims at working together with mental health professionals, carers, and mental health service users to co-create and implement innovative solutions meeting the users’ needs.

    The goal of this hackathon is to proactively engage with startups in the co-creation of innovative solutions answering the needs of mental health professionals, carers, and mental health service users in terms of anxiety management. During 1,5 day, we’ll help 6 startups to develop their product further and define the steps they have to take, to bring their company to the next level.

    What to expect from the hackathon?

    On the first day, we ask startup founders to pitch their company, so that they can explain to everyone what their company is doing and give some more information about the challenges they face. We will host this day online via Zoom.

    Hackathons are a great opportunity to learn new skills. So why not give yourself that little push to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new technologies and innovative techniques?

    During this hackathon, you will really experience the excitement and pressure of a small innovation boot camp and we will teach you everything about presenting your story with impact in a personal and interactive way. There are mentors and other experts to guide you along the way and help you learn more about innovation methodologies.

    At the end of the hackathon, teams have to present their new pitch to a jury. They will select two teams, which will win a voucher for €1500 to be spent at your choice for a conference, lecture, workshop within the domain of setting up a start-up at the VU. The second prize will win also a voucher but for €1000.

    Program of the Hackathon Battle:

    Thursday, March 18, 2021 | 04:00 PM – 06:15 PM (online via Zoom)

    On Thursday March 8, we will meet digitally for a pre-gathering. Here we get to know each other a bit better and introduce you to the tools that we will use during the VU Hackathon Battle. The pre-gathering will be concluded with a great performance by the singer Celine Cairo. People who are not participating in the program, but are just an audience can also participate during these hours.

    Friday, March 19, 2021 | 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (online via Zoom)

    Friday we really get to work: we start with a pitch training from David Beckett in the morning. David Beckett is a professional Pitch Coach and Online Presentation Trainer, who has trained over 1400 Startups to win over €340Million in investment. He also worked with some of the biggest brands. Tommy Hillfiger, TEDx, Ikea, Rabobank, Philips, just to name a few. In the afternoon he will give you some extra tips like how to sell your pitch and using your body language and voice effectively.

    The pitches will start later in the afternoon, where the startups get the opportunity to sell their idea to our jury. After everyone has given their pitch, David Ebert will close the pitches with a Keynote of about 20 minutes. After that, the jury will announce the winner of the VU Hackathon Pitch Battle. Last but not least, singer Celine Cairo will usher us into the weekend with another beautiful song and the VU Hackathon Battle comes to an end.

    Want to join the event as an audience?

    You’re welcome to follow the program Thursday, March 18 from 04:00 PM till 06:00 PM and Friday, March 19 from 03:00 PM till 05:15 PM. Register an Eventbrite ticket and a day before the event starts we will send you a Zoom link to watch our event as an audience.

    Do you have questions about this event or would you like to receive more information? Contact the organization of this event: (in Dutch or English).