Upskilling the Financial Leader

  • Circular Economy
  • CFOs are often expected to get a firm grasp and understanding of the day-to-day and near-term forecasts while adding value to the long-term business plan of the company. Join this programme to learn more about the expanded skillset of the future CFO. What does the shift from products to services mean for the balance sheet of the company? And how to perform as a steward of long-term value creation beyond financial results?

    Where business strategy and finance functions are combined some real value can be added to a company. This is why companies of all kinds are now repositioning the role of CFOs right into the centre of the business. And as nothing comes for free, that means that the role of CFO and the required skillset is broadening. CFOs are no longer only crunching numbers, they create value within the company beyond finance activities.

    While things like procurement, implementing the sustainability strategy, organisational transformation or change management are not necessarily the responsibility of the CFO, it is likely that their advice will influence any decisions made on these matters. That makes the CFO and his team a key players in the transition to a new economy. CEO’s, in turn, can use the financial guidance to make effective and informed business decisions and have their vision and organisation’s purpose verified in numbers.

    In this programme you will meet like-minded professionals, learn about financing models for the circular economy, get an introduction to impact reporting and find out how your new job as Chief Value Officer could look like.

    Please note: Due to a number of international speakers, this event will be held in English. Break-out sessions will be partly in English and partly in Dutch.


    • 9.00: Doors open
    • 9.15: Plenary session
      -Leaders of the circular economy in the spotlight
    • 10.15: Redefining Value – The Chief Value Officer
    • 11.45: Workshops (will be held partly in Dutch)
      -Speed Session Impact Reporting
      -Product as a Service (PAAS) through the financial lens
      -Barriers & opportunities of financing the circular economy
    • 12.45: Conclusions
    • 13.00: Lunch


    Circl is a pavilion on the Zuidas. A place that ABN AMRO has created to share the knowledge gained about circularity. And connect. Circl is designed to be energy efficient and demountable, to minimize impact on the planet.