Transition Accelerator | Investing together in the Metropolis of Tomorrow

  • State of the Region
  • Investing together in the Amsterdam Metropolis of Tomorrow.

    This is a side event prior to State of the Region 2022: the networking day of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

    In recent months, there has been extensive discussion about how we can combine investments in the digital and sustainable transition. What opportunities are there at the central government and the EU? During this side event, key players from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area zoom in on several investment lines. We discuss what is needed for enhanced cooperation to give the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area a transition impulse.


    About the Metropolis of Tomorrow

    Nina Tellegen, general director of the Amsterdam Economic Board and Emiel Reiding, secretary-director of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, open the program with a welcome. Nina presents the Transition Accelerator – investing together in the Metropolis of Tomorrow.

    Then we will discuss:

    • Investing in AI together – with Nanda Piersma, lecturer Responsible IT Hogeschool van Amsterdam;
    • Investing together in biobased and modular construction – with Thijs Kroese, alderman for the Municipality of Purmerend;
    • Investing in Hydrogen together – with Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer Port of Amsterdam.

    We will continue to talk with those present. How do we strengthen cooperation to bring financing together?

    This event is held in Dutch and is by invitation only. Would you like to take part? There are still seats available. Send a message to Then we will do our best for you.

    Background information

    In recent months, many parties have discussed which investments are needed to accelerate transitions in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Building on the strength of the metropolis, in this inspirational document we propose a number of investment lines in which stronger cooperation is necessary and possible. The aim of this is: to bring together funding for transition-accelerating projects. We also look at the possibilities in The Hague and Brussels.

    This is the first time such a regional agenda has been drawn up and the work is not yet done. It is a dynamic document that requires deepening and will be updated regularly. This event is a kick-off for an enhanced collaboration, which we like to shape together with partners.

    State of the Region is an event of the Amsterdam Economic Board in collaboration with the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the Municipality of Amsterdam and amsterdam&partners.

    Read the report on State of the Region 2021.