TOMAS CONNECT LIVE #3: Invest in the local tech talent pipeline!

  • Agile education and labour market
  • A LIVE matchmaking between companies and the key initiatives that focus on reskilling and upskilling in tech.

    Where do I find tech talent? How can I reskill my employees? How can I contribute to talent development?

    Did you know that there are 65 ways in the region of Amsterdam to benefit from the local talent pool or invest in the local pipeline? Whether you are looking to hire people, upskill your employees or you are at the stage where you would like to contribute to solving talent and skills shortages, here is your opportunity to meet 10 initiatives that will show you how.

    TOMAS Connect LIVE #3 is an offline matchmaking between organizations and a wide range of reskilling, upskilling and life-long learning initiatives that tackle talent shortages, skills and diversity gaps in tech.

    This is a unique opportunity for companies and talent development initiatives to acknowledge each other and form meaningful connections. Within 2,5 hours you will get the most recent picture of the local talent development ecosystem, discover how other companies benefit from it, meet the key initiatives and learn tangible ways to benefit and get involved.


    The program at the amazing location of ZOKU includes:

    15.00 – 15.15 Introduction: How to navigate in talent development initiatives

    15.15 – 15.50 Meet 10 talent development initiatives

    15.50 – 16.00 Break time

    16.00 – 16.30 Matchmaking round 1

    16.30 – 16.50 Learn from 3 companies “How do we benefit from investing in local talent?”

    16.50 – 17.30 Matchmaking round 2 powered by drinks & music


    The event will be hosted in English. The participating initiatives and companies will be announced in the coming weeks. We have limited places available only for HR and company directors, talent development managers, Diversity & Inclusion managers and HR specialists actively looking for ICT talent, upskilling of employees or possibilities to contribute. Are you not one of them, but also interested to join this event? Contact us via

    Join the TOMAS network and benefit from this live matchmaking session!

    Background information

    TOMAS is an interactive platform and a growing offline community that makes the talent development ecosystem visible and accessible for the triple helix. The project is initiated by the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, the Municipality of Amsterdam, StartupAmsterdam, the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board.