There is nothing as sustainable as plastic

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    Waternet fishes plastic out of the water every day. Can we do smart things with it and how can we prevent plastic from entering the water?

    Plastic is a wonderful product that has brought us a lot, but which is increasingly becoming a bigger problem. Clean water is the basis of everything. That is why we must prevent different forms of plastic from ending up in the water. For Waternet and the AGV water board, it is daily business to fish plastics out of the water. Can we do smart things with it and how can we prevent plastic from entering the water? During this livestream we discuss the nuisance of plastic. What floats and floats in the water? What are we doing about it? Who/what is needed? Upgrade or prevent? Or both?

    With this session we will inspire you with fascinating speakers, such as Maria Westerbos, director and founder of the Plastic Soup Foundation. She kicks off with the state of affairs regarding the global plastic problem. Cor Peperkamp, floating waste fisherman at Waternet, takes us into what he fishes out of the Amsterdam waters. Claire Teurlings talks about the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area initiative Circular Textiles for healthcare and challenges Waternet and the water board AGV.

    This live stream is about:

    • What’s the problem? What do we find in the water?
    • What can I and my organization do about it? And in the chain? And with the environment?
    • What works and what doesn’t yet?
    • How do you use influence to prevent and turn it into beautiful products.


    At the end of the session you will have:

    • Gained insight into the actual problem of plastic in our water
    • an image of whether we are all doing a little good
    • insight into what Waternet contributes to the plastic soup
    • knows about all kinds of initiatives to tackle plastic nuisance together
    • gained inspiration on how to do your bit, both professionally and privately, to prevent even more plastic from disappearing into the water.

    Background information

    We have an interesting line-up:

    • Claire Teurlings – Challenge Lead Circular Economy – Eco system innovation – Public Private Partnerships at Amsterdam Economic Board
    • Maria Westerbos – Founder and director Plastic Soup Foundation
    • Cor Peperkamp – Drift waste fisherman, Waternet
    • Marieke Voeten – Policy advisor water and biodiversity, Waternet
    • Jeroen Pennock – Manager Green Team, Natural Affairs
    • Anne Marieke Eveleens – Co-founder & Chief Business Development | The Great Bubble BarrierĀ®
    • Cheryl Bertelkamp – Researcher drinking water technology, Waternet
    • Constance Steenkamp-Faaij – Municipality of Amsterdam, plastic smart city
    • Bernard Merkx – Director owner, GreenWavePlastics
    • Jacqueline de Danschutter – Program Manager Circular Economy Waternet

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