The Ocean Race Summit #2 – Streaming live from The Hague

  • Circular Economy
  • Can conservation capitalise on climate and plastic’s pivotal moment? And how might people’s values and behaviours be adjusted as we emerge from the coronavirus? The ocean is alive, and through science we can hear its voice. But are we listening? We know we need to ‘stand behind the science’, but how do we do that? We have the science and the solutions, but how do we inspire action? What can we learn from ocean racing, teamwork, sports psychology, our recent global crisis and lock-in, systems thinking, behavioural science, marketing and a post-corona world to apply to our mission?

    What is the format?

    The Ocean Race Summits #2 streaming live from The Hague will be like an interactive TV show, followed by small break-out groups that will allow participants valuable time with other experts to exchange ideas, combine skills and collaborate for the future.

    Who’s participating?

    An inspiring line-up of experts and leaders in the second in our current series of The Ocean Race Summits include Peter Thomson ((special envoy UN for Ocean), Greta Turnberg, Simeon Tienpont, Anje Marijcke van Boxtel, Reece Pacho, Kevin Green, Jacqueline Cramer, Solitaire Townsend, Nathalie Rey, Jessica den Outer, Olivia Swaak-Goldman, Liz Bonnin, Humberto Tan, and more. The audience will be business leaders & policy makers, scientists and technicians, solutions innovators, skippers and sailors, ocean advocates, environmental justice campaigners, marketers and storytellers, behavioural scientists, sports psychologists, young wavemakers and those living and working with the ocean.

    What are the subjects?

    Human endeavour, environmental justice and nature-based rights, human & planetary health, post 2020 decisions, the Dutch perspective with Boardmember Jacqueline Cramer and 10 difference breakout subjects on winning strategies, nature-inclusive design, wrap on plastic, and more.

    Break-out Sessions


    1. Winning strategies
    2. Behavioural Science Deep Dive
    3. Ocean Life
    4. Nature-based and Ocean rights
    5. Nature Inclusive design for the North Sea


    1. Brands for impact
    2. That’s a warp on plastic
    3. Post 2020 decisions
    4. Ocean and Climate youth lab
    5. Panel discussion The Dutch perspective: ‘Taking Advantage of Local Knowledge’
    • Liesbeth van Tongeren, Alderman for Sustainability, Environment, Energy Transition and 3rd Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of The Hague
    • Dr Jacqueline Cramer, Ambassador ‘Circular Economy’ of the Amsterdam Economic Board
    • Willem Ferweda, Founder & CEO Commonland

    Invitation only, but if you think you should attend you are able to apply your spot