Save the date: City-zen days

  • Circular Economy
  • Europe
  • City-zen warmly invites you to join its first City Conference, taking place in Grenoble (France). During these City-zen days you will be able to visit energy renovation projects, the research facilities of CEA and the geothermal network in Flaubert. The local community invites you to join workshops on block chain for energy, citizen investment groups and many more. In each session we will reflect on what Amsterdam can learn from Grenoble and vice versa, especially during the presentation of the energy roadmaps for both cities. Registration will open soon via

    On Tuesday January 30th, City-zen will host a session on energy, data and privacy during L’assise de la transition énergétique in Geneva (Switserland), the major francophone energy conference. As both cities are close by, it is possible to combine both in one trip.

    In City-zen, 25 parties are working together to learn how to make Amsterdam, Grenoble and other cities free of coal and gas. They are working with new technologies and see what changes are needed in the city, in regulations and in people’s homes.