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Together we are working hard to make our digital infrastructure more sustainable. The ‘LEAP Landscape ‘ has given us direction and we are starting concrete collaborations for green software, innovative hardware cooling, photonic developments, distributed digital systems and circular ICT. This will accelerate the further development of a sustainable digital infrastructure and reduce the ecological footprint of our digital system.

Within the LEAP Coalition we work together with various parties from the digital chain, from hardware and software suppliers to business end users, network operators, energy suppliers, data centers, governments, knowledge institutions and start-ups. As a result, we bring different worlds together and come up with new ideas and solutions.

To strengthen this network and to learn even more from each other, we are organizing a physical LEAP Coalition Get Together on February 10, 2022 from 13.30 (walk-in – start 14.00) to 18.00 (including drinks).

This event is by invitation.


The event will consist of a plenary part, break-outs and drinks. We want to create an afternoon that is informal, inspiring, informative, connecting and fun.

Background information

LEAP is a platform to support the future generation of data centres. Its aim is to speed up the transition to a sustainable digital infrastructure by deploying and accelerating existing and new technologies that contribute to energy efficiency and integration into the power system and landscape, and crucially with the circular use of materials.

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