Internet of Health

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  • The Internet of Health brings together healthcare managers, technology leaders and clinicians to address the real-life and transformative possibilities of IoT through early adopter case studies and expert-led discussion. From innovation strategy to data analytics and data ethics, the conference will enable healthcare leaders to get to grips with the implications of IoT and how to turn the promise into reality.

    Key issues to be explored:

    • Using IoT-generated data to monitor and manage chronic conditions, enable preventative care and reduce hospital admissions
    • IoT and the quantified self: how to make patient access to personal data a reality
    • Improving operational efficiency with advanced data analytics
    • Overcoming industry silos to enable a new generation of information and data sharing across the healthcare eco-system
    • Addressing data privacy and cyber security concerns posed by new connected devices

    More information

    You can find more information, for example about the speakers, on the website of Internet of Health. Limited amount complimentary passes are available, click here to see if you qualify.