Intelligent Health: AI with Impact

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    Intelligent Health celebrates the 5-year anniversary of its leading sister summit, WSAI, by combining the World Summit AI and TMinus30 into one Super Summit. To say we’re excited about this is an understatement!

    What is intelligent health?

    C-level executives, clinicians, hospital heads and scientists from pharma, biotech, medtech, health facilities, tech, startups and investment companies from all corners of the globe will participate in the exclusive physical summit and online through our global platform.

    This year we ditched the script and redesigned the summit to focus on what matters most. Our CPD-accredited large-scale summit brings the global AI and health communities together to spark discussions. How can AI be applied and can we stimulate technology collaboration in healthcare, by connecting clinicians, patients and decision-makers in healthcare institutions with technologists. Be ready to think like a doctor and code like a developer!

    What is happening?

    It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…and that’s what gets results’ Ella Fitzgerald

    We redesigned the top to act as an AI omni channel. We enable a safe and exclusive gathering in Amsterdam, while also running a first-class production online. The theme for this year is AI with Impact.

    The physical and the online top have exactly the same format:

    • 121 meetings using our AI-powered matchmaking tool – physically there will be managed meeting points and online there will be camera-on meetings;
    • Plenary sessions live and streamed to the platform with stunning speakers and world leaders;
    • Table conversations – boardroom style composite meetings, both in person and online – private or public, and always managed in a secure manner;
    • Masterclass sessions – workshops with a difference – globally recognized opinion leaders giving private masterclasses to small groups at the physical summit and online. Think of meeting the world leaders but with a practical focus on learning from the best!
    • Workshop – nobody likes to waste time. Learn from experts in a structured, hands-on session that keeps you engaged and sticks to the curriculum;
    • We will host an awards ceremony at the World AI Awards on October 12. NEW for 21!
    • Access the all-new ‘Super Summit’ streams on World Summit AI and Tminus30, co-located InspiredMinds Summits now taking place in Amsterdam for the first time!

    Whatever we do in person in Amsterdam during the exclusive in-person summit, we replicate everything online in real time for our global community!