High Impact Procurement – Synergy

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    With every euro that an organisation spends on products and services, it has the choice of the more sustainable, fair or innovative alternative. This makes procurement an important driver for a smart, green and healthy future of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Systems and habits are broken.

    High Impact Procurement demands a lot from the collaboration within an organization. That is why the Board has started the Impact Track – Focus on Facilities. This is in line with the commitment to purchase 100% of the facility services, products and supplies within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area with impact by 2030. By joining forces and learning from other organizations, we can accelerate the impact.

    Almost every organization in our region keeps track of its own sustainability results. This happens differently everywhere or in different ways, so that comparison does not always apply. During this meeting, the participants of the impact track discuss the results of the Impact tool. How do people compare to each other and to other regions?

    For who

    Organisations can register for the Impacttrack with teams of about five participants from different angles and/or departments.

    This meeting is part of a track for which registrations are now closed. Are you interested in participating in a follow-up programme or would you like to know more about the results of this session? Please contact us.

    Background information

    Teams of approximately five participants from different angles and/or departments of organizations from the Metropolitan Region participate. Together they take at least one concrete purchasing process with which they want to make an impact within six months. In this way we ensure that knowledge that is acquired is immediately secured.

    All participants take part in a broad introduction session. Together we lay the foundation for “Procurement and Delivery with Impact” and each field is discussed in a concise form. The aim is that participants understand from each other what it takes to be able to purchase with impact. What is the playing field in which each of them operates? Secondary goal is to create an internal network within an organization.

    All participants participate in one of the trade sessions. Here we go deeper into a specific field, such as communication, financial, legal, purchasing and tendering, innovation or sustainability and CSR. The aim is that the participants build up in-depth knowledge and are provided with tools to really get started with High Impact Procurement. Second goal is to build an external network with specialists from other organizations.

    Do you also want to share a question, knowledge or an example, or do you have a suggestion for an expert to invite, please let us know via inkopenmetimpact@amecboard.com.