Zorg2025 Artificial Intelligence; social and personal?

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  • This time we pay attention to the social and personal side of the use of Artificial Intelligence. Today, and even more so in the future, we have to do the work in care and welfare with fewer people. Innovations may be able to offer a solution so that we can do more with fewer people. However, most innovations are currently rather impersonal and therefore have an insufficient relief effect. Can AI offer a solution here in different ways? Is social interaction possible and how personal can it actually get? What do you encounter in development as an entrepreneur? We receive answers, visions and practical examples from our speakers to these and several questions.

    So this time the central theme is: “AI social and personal?”. The speakers below address this:

    • Mark Hoogendoorn , associate professor of Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence group – VU University Amsterdam.
      How personal will it become when AI knows more about yourself and your behaviors that harm your own health and well-being than you do? Is that a moment when we start using AI systems as an advisor for our health? An image of how decisions in care pathways can be made now and in the near future.
    • Koen Hindriks , professor of Artificial Intelligence, Social AI group – VU University Amsterdam.
      Shares his experiences with the use of Robot Pepper and Social AI at Radboud UMC. Did Pepper’s appearance and conversational ability help patients accept being interviewed? A practical example that puts the meaning of warm transfer in a new perspective.
    • Marco Dees , managing partner – Ayuto / Emmazorgt
      Tells about the use of conversational AI in people with Alzheimer’s and explains exactly what intelligence adds to the conversation. Does the personal and social component create a sense of security because you can fall back on something or someone you know? How does this contribute to being able to live at home longer.

    This meeting is free – registration is required.

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