Education & Talent in the Amsterdam Blockchain Community

  • Digital Connectivity
  • After a successful first ecosystem meetup on the adoption of blockchain, we are continuing our event series with a meetup on blockchain and education.

    In two hours we aim to get an overview of the current blockchain education ecosystem in Amsterdam, and find out what this community needs and what it can bring, to strengthen our ecosystem together. Of course there will be networking drinks & snacks to finish off the meeting and to get to know each other.

    This meetup will consist of:

    • 3 short presentations by different kinds of blockchain educators
    • joint mapping of current blockchain education ecosystem
    • forming potential alliances based on what we need and what we can offer

    For whom?

    • Blockchain teachers in (higher) education
    • Blockchain teachers/trainers at private academies / startups
    • Educational blockchain meetup organisers
    • Education policy advisors

    This is an invitation only event. Please let us know via Eline Vliegen if you think you should be there.

    Why are we working on the strengthening of an Amsterdam Blockchain Community?

    Blockchain holds the promise of delivering trust, transparency, privacy & data sovereignty in a digital world. Blockchain triggers many questions about the future of business models, governance models and power structures. Hands on leadership is needed to grow blockchain knowledge, capabilities and entrepreneurship in the Amsterdam area. That is why Amsterdam Economic Board & the City of Amsterdam are joining forces and exploring possibilities.