Demo Day Digital and Mobility

  • Responsible digital metropolis
  • Our Amsterdam Smart City program is organizing a demo day on March 17, focusing on the themes of Digital and Mobility. In addition to a few great initiatives and complex issues, this time there is also a short webinar. This introduction to data management provides a good theoretical basis for the subsequent work session on data ownership.

    Demo days are intended to stimulate the progress of various innovation projects, to put requests for help on the table, to share dilemmas and to involve others in projects or challenges.

    View the program of this demo day and send an email to Trisha van Engelen to register for free participation in this online event.

    Pitch: Amaze Mobility

    Amaze is a driven startup that works closely with shared mobility providers to unravel the maze of shared and sustainable mobility. Supported by a consortium of industry experts, Amaze won a public tender in Amsterdam. In recent years, Amaze has invested in designing and building a platform and app with an experienced team of 11 people. This app allows users to choose how they want to travel when they need it.

    Pitch: Schinkelkwartier

    Based on the example of the Schinkelkwartier (Best Master Plan in the Netherlands in 2021), the architectural firm Architectural Prescription deconstructs urban design dilemmas. They make use of parametric analytics and computational tools. Feedback from participants about the digital approach of the agency to optimize the building blocks of the city is very welcome. This pitch is in English.

    Webinar: Data management in practice

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Johan Cruijff ArenA give an introduction to data management with practical tips for dealing responsibly with data. What should you pay attention to when you work with data, access it, collect it and store it? What do you need to arrange to deal with ownership and authorization of access in the right way?

    Work session: Ownership of data

    How do our governments deal with their own data and data from third parties? What agreements do you make about quality? What lies with the business and how do you create awareness? In this work session, the Province of Noord-Holland addresses the challenges of data ownership and responsibility for data.

    Work session: The smart charging plaza

    Last year a charging plaza was opened in Hoofddorp where batteries are hidden in street furniture and smart, dynamic charging columns. This so-called Laadplein-2-Grid is the first of its kind in the Netherlands. Will the number of EV drivers increase to such an extent in the coming years that the dynamic parking system will become superfluous? What will parking look like in the future? Where should the focus be if you want to scale up this concept?

    You can register for free participation in this online event by sending an email to Trisha van Engelen.