Community Meetup #5 Circular Textiles

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    As a community – originating from the Green Deal Circular Textiles – we get together again to hear about the progress on the various themes, learn from each other and make new contacts.

    On Thursday, January 27, we hope to have another live Community Meetup #5 Circular Textiles possible on location from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. We will zoom in on the Vision & Roadmap Circular Textiles together with Jacqueline Cramer and a number of sub-initiatives will take center stage again.


    The programme and line-up will follow later.


    The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area focuses on 9 relevant topics:

    • Denim deal
    • Makersunite repair center
    • Knowledge & education
    • Circular fashion innovation lab
    • Circular hotel linen
    • Circular clothing for healthcare
    • Workwear
    • Awareness campaign circular textiles
    • Collect and sort

    A lively community has now emerged of partners within the business community, governments and knowledge institutions who work together on a region with circular textiles.

    Do you also want to be part of this? Please contact Maaike Osieck: