Coffee with AMdEX #3

  • Responsible digital metropolis
  • There is a lot of interest in AMdEX and the possibilities to provide access to data, on your own terms. We are happy to answer specific questions via an online coffee event and will provide information about what AMdEX can do for your organization. There will be a small group of about 6 participants.

    What is AMdEX?
    AMdEX makes it possible to give others access to (confidential) data, without losing control over what happens to those data. So all is done on your terms and conditions, without dependence on third parties. If every organization gave access to its data, we could provide better healthcare, use our energy more intelligently and travel more sustainably. But what organization is keen on sharing data with a competitor?

    Dataspaces – digital marketplaces for data – need to break this deadlock. The distinguishing feature of such a dataspace is that not one party can seize control. Data owners can make agreements about property rights via AMdEX. As a neutral, online notary with whom you contractually stipulate how and to whom you want to make your data accessible.

    AMdEX develops innovative tools for drafting and enforcing these digital contracts. Are conditions not complied with? Then AMdEX will resolve the dispute. AMdEX therefore works fundamentally differently from current monopolistic data platforms.

    This coffee hour is intended for people who are already familiar with AMdEX and think they might contribute or have a specific question about this initiative. We therefore ask you to indicate your contribution or question when registering so that we can properly prepare this event.

    The Zoom call is held in Dutch or English – depending on the participants.

    AMdEX is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Province of Noord-Holland.

    AMdEX subsidie EFRO