Carbon Club: Mineralisation of CO2

  • Circular Economy
  • The Carbon Club is one of the outcomes of the CO2 Smart Grid program. It is the business community that generates new business opportunities and connects the unusual suspects from within and outside the CO2 Smart Grid network.

    During the fall of this year the Carbon Club will organise three meetings. The first session is about the mineralisation of CO2 and will take place on 18 October 2018. It will be at a central location in the Netherlands and we are keeping it secret for only a little while ;). The outline of the program can be found below.

    13.00 | Opening: setting the scene. Situation overview on the topic of mineralisation
    13.10 | Presentation of 3 challenges
    14.00 | Discussion of the challenges in groups
    14.45 | Recap per table – challenger gives a summary on his most important learnings
    15.15 | Drinks / network
    16.30 | Closure

    We would like to emphasize that this meeting is not one where you sit back and just absorb the information that is shared. We are asking for an active participation during the discussion part. The setup is rather fluid and organic, so all you need to bring is a fresh mind and and a smile on your face.

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    An important question for you upfront

    The challenges are the core of the meeting. We already have a confirmation from Carbon8 and Green Minerals to join us and share a challenge of their own.  We are interested to hear what your challenges are connected to the mineralisation of CO2. What question(s) do you have? Which “unusual suspect” do you need to complete your business proposition?

    You can share your challenge during the registration process. In case you have no challenge to share, you are very much invited to fulfill the role of unusual suspect in solving the challenges of others.

    The Carbon Club business community

    More information on the Carbon Club business community, information on the other meetings and more can be found on