Building Better Business 2022

  • Agile education and labour market
  • Is your organization looking for the right balance between impact and profit? Then sign up for Building Better Business and discover how you can contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economy by obtaining a B Corp of Economy for the Common Good certification!

    It is the ambition of the municipality of Amsterdam to become the metropolis for impact-driven entrepreneurship. To realize this ambition, Amsterdam Impact, the initiative of the municipality of Amsterdam impact entrepreneurship, created the Building Better Business (BBB) ​​program together with B Lab Benelux and Economy for the Common Good (ECG).

    For inspiration and information, come to the Big BBB event on March 22. Here you will hear from leaders in the economy of meaning and you can come into contact with other impact-oriented entrepreneurs.

    Background information

    Would you like to know more about impact entrepreneurship and BBB? Sign up for one of six BBB online meetups to discover which certification path suits your organization best: B Corp or ECG. Deadline for registration is April 15.