Artificial Intelligence in Intensive Care

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    Artificial intelligence is an abstract concept for many intensivists. That can and must change because it can change our profession enormously!

    That is why we organize on Friday afternoon March 19 a digital conference on AI in the ICU. We have found a large number of Dutch pioneering colleagues willing to reveal all the secrets to you. And to top it all off: top expert Ari Ercole, intensivist in Cambridge, who will ensure that you really understand what it is about and how you can independently apply machine learning in your own intensive care unit.

    So that afterwards you know what it is really like and get answers to questions such as:

    • Artificial intelligence, hope or hype?
    • When will it arrive in my intensive care unit?
    • Can I also get started with AI myself?
    • Is AI a medical device?
    • Will my profession really change?
    • Do I have to inform my patients?
    • Do I have to train the nurses?
    • How can I help?
    • Do I have to share my data?
    • What about privacy?
    • Will the computer soon make decisions without me?
    • Will it really improve healthcare?