ADS & AMDS Webinar: Predictive Modelling for COVID-19 Patients in Hospitals

  • Health
  • The aims of this online event series are:

    – Showcase the power and limitations of data centred approaches
    – Jointly understand and learn from the different COVID approaches and views
    – Shape the time for Data Science research/education after the lock-down

    Lecture 3: Predictive Modelling for COVID-19 Patients in Hospitals

    As COVID-19 is a relatively new disease in Dutch hospitals there are still quite some unknowns around COVID-19 patients: what are the prospects of individual patients? What are the best treatments given certain patient characteristics? Within the hospitals a wealth of data is being collected around such COVID-19 patients. Can we leverage this data using data science techniques to improve medical care, i.e. help patients and doctors?

    Programme and speakers TBA

    Moderators: Marc Salomon (ABS UvA, ADS) and Mark Hoogendoorn (VU, AMDS)