Draft Programme International Event Amsterdam 7-8 April 2020

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area invites Helsinki Uusimaa, Stockholm Metropolitan Area, Capital Region of Denmark, Hamburg Metropolitan Region. 

If you have any questions please contact Audrie van Veen, Strategic Advisor International.

Tuesday April 7 – Day 1: replication of successful projects and approaches and overcoming obstacles

[location Droog, Amsterdam City Center, tbc]

9.30                   Doors open, coffee & tea

10.00                How the Amsterdam Economic Board works to accelerate the circular, digital and energy transition in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: Conference opening by Nina Tellegen, director Amsterdam Economic Board and MRA director [tbc]

10.15                  Keynote: How to replicate succesfully – by Willem van Winden, Professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences,  followed by discussion

11.00                 Coffee break/energizer

11.15                    Round 1: replication, stakeholders and value chain

Replication ideas round 1: how to work on replication with a network of stakeholders in a value chain

Topics: energy, mobility, industry, hydrogen
Pitches of 4 minutes each, followed by questions from the audience

  1. Pitch by Hamburg about N.E.W. 4.0 [tbc]
  2. Pitch by Marjolein Bot (Challenge Lead Energy Amsterdam) LEAP for sustainable data centers: working with the whole value chain
  3. Pitch Hydrogen [tbd]
  4. Pitch Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab, Helsinki-Uusimaa Region or other case in open data for mobility planning [tbc]

11.35                 Questions & short discussion

11.45                  Break-out in smaller groups including the presentors above discussing themes such as:

  • How can regions work with the value chain in energy/mobility topics, including hydrogen?
  • How does each party handle the energy demand related to the exponential growth of data in the next 10 years?
  • How do regions collaborate with industry on the energy transition?
  • What could we learn from each other about the use of hydrogen in the energy transition?

All break-out sessions are moderated and follow a proven approach leading to next steps to take.

12.45                   Wrap-up round 1 by moderator

13.00                   Lunch

14.00                   Round 2: what could regions do to stimulate replication?

Replication ideas round 2: the role of regions in replication projects
Topics: energy, circular economy

  1. Intro by Claire Teurlings (Challenge Lead Circular Economy, Amsterdam): what could we do to replicate inspiring initiatives and approaches?
  2. Pitch circular example tbd
  3. Pitch City-zen aquathermal energy in the city – Otto Reinstra Waternet [tbc]
  4. Pitch tbd
  5. Pitch tbd

14.30                   Round 2 Break-out in smaller groups including the presenters above around themes such as:

  • How could internationalisation help these inspiring initiatives and what is the best way to scale-up?
  • What do initiatives need to structurally contribute to the (circular or energy) transition?
  • What could the role of regions be?

All break-out sessions are moderated and follow a proven approach leading to next steps to take.

15.35                   Wrap-up round 2 and follow-up actions by moderator

15.50                   Concluding plenary session: what is our role as regions and other stakeholders and how can we follow up in the coming months?

16.45                   Preview of next day: the role of sustainable/circulair procurement in accelerating transitions

17.00                   End of day programme


Wednesday April 8 – Day 2: procurement as a tool for accelerating transitions

(location De Ceuvel, Amsterdam North (tbc))

9.00     Doors open, coffee & tea

9.30     Wrap-up of yesterday by Nina Tellegen and/or MRA director

9.45     2-4 short keynotes on the role of various types of procurement as a tool:

  1. The EU Urban Agenda Partnership Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement, Valentina Schippers-Opejko, Coordinator of the partnership, City of Haarlem, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
  2. Interview: the Amsterdam Regions Circulair Procurement Roadmap – how to overcome obstacles [tbc]
  3. Interview: Procurement Roadmaps in preparation, City of Helsinki
  4. Interview:Procurement Roadmaps/criteria of Copenhagen Capital Region
  5. Interview: Procurement in Hamburg/Stockholm (tbd)

10.45   Coffee break/energizer

11.15     Procurement pitches: How to procure ‘better’ (and to help our stakeholders do it)

  1. Pitch HvA/UvA: reorganising logistics of knowledge institutes [Richard nodigt spreker uit]
  2. Pitch [tbd] green procurement criteria
  3. Pitch [tbd] Circular economy & education: setting the base for better procurement?
  4. Pitch role of procurement & open data: Helsinki case [tbc]

11.45       Questions and discussion

12.00   Break-out in smaller groups including the presenters above around 3 topics:

  • How can we stimulate sustainable procurement?
  • What is the role of circular/sustainable procurement criteria?
  • Could we replicate each others’ procurement criteria?

All break-out sessions are moderated and follow a proven approach leading to next steps to take.

12.45   Wrap-up & follow-up actions procurement by moderator

13.00   Lunch

14.00   Concluding plenary session: what is our role and how can we follow up in the coming months?

15.00   Excursion [De Ceuvel, circular and sustainable hotspot, tbc]

17.00   End of programme