Uprise Festival Amsterdam

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  • Uprise Festival is back in Amsterdam: 120 Growth Stage companies, Chillout Zones, Mentor Space, Work Spaces and 8 new content stages. Another new concept are the Talk-Shops: comprising of 4 person panels tasked with providing the audience with hacks, tips and everyday solutions for your life and business.

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    • Sales stage: Learn about sales techniques and skills from industry experts like Salesforce, Facebook with workshops and panels discussing the future of space.
    • Designed Experience stage: Everything is design. How do we interact with product and how do we keep users through a more thoughtful, personal approach in todays deluge of technologies hardware and software. Let’s solve this challenge!
    • Funding stage: Getting the runway to keep your company going is key. Through workshops, panels and chats from VC’s and crowdfunding and financial partners, Uprise attempts to make your life easier.
    • Health and Lifestyle stage: Taste and experience the life that surrounds you. From IoT to foodtech the world of life and health has been impacted by technology. With this stage, Uprise aims to explore and define this space.
    • Fintech & Intrapreneurship stage: Multinational companies and banking industries are reforming themselves and the learnings are great. How do we benefit from this area and create entry points for us and our companies?
    • Ecosystem stage: Europe’s ecosystems evolve in the face of political change in Britain and America. What can we learn and what does every small business to multinational take away from the new shape of Europe? Do startup ecosystems have a greater role to play?

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