Science meets business session

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  • Together with IXA VU-VUmc and the Chamber of Commerce, the Network Institute organizes a Science meets Business session between researchers and labs on the one hand and industry and public organisations on the other. Purpose of the meeting is to strengthen the collaboration between researchers and businesses and (semi) government in realizing concrete cooperation projects.

    Knowledge vouchers

    The Network Institute will award the three most promising collaborations with a research vouchers of €5,000. The voucher can be used to “buy” time for researchers to work on the collaborative project.

    During the Science meets Business session companies as well as researchers shortly present themselves. Subsequently there is the opportunity to explore whether interesting matches can be made. A few weeks after the meeting, proposals for collaborations (max. 1 A4) can be submitted. The three best proposals will be awarded by the Network Institute.

    Specific topics

    You can read examples of topics of researchers who want to start a collaboration project with companies here.

    More information

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