Monday Laundry Day – for textile collectors

  • Circulaire Economie
  • This second meeting is specifically for textile collectors. An edition for knowledge institutions will be held on 5 October and for textile processors and fashion brands on 19 October. Send an email to Claire Teurlings to register for one of these private events.

    During ‘Monday Wasdag’, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the MRA Bureau and the Amsterdam Economic Board will present the concept version of the ‘Vision & Roadmap for Circular Textiles for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’. We ask our participants here to help us create the preconditions.

    We are curious about ideas about the right conditions in which existing and new activities can develop and how we can easily help new parties to further their activities.


    The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has been committed to the transition to a circular economy for many years through a regional program where various parties work together intensively. Major steps have already been taken within the textile industry to enable circular use and there are opportunities to accelerate this.

    For example, the Municipality of Amsterdam has recently unanimously adopted an initiative proposal for circular textile and has set itself the goal of achieving 0 kg of textile in residual waste by 2030. The municipality has also joined as a partner in the EU Horizon2020 Reflow project. In addition, a collaboration of various parties in the Zaanstad region offers the potential to become a supplier of textile fibers from discarded used textiles, and denim companies are joining forces for a national Denim Deal.

    A team from the MRA office, the municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board started in March 2020 with knowledge discussions with various experts from the industry to arrive at an initial concept of the Vision & Roadmap Circular Textile MRA. That forms the basis for the Round tables. The final version will be integrated this year in the ‘Sustainability Summit’ in October, regional Green Deals and for supporting a wide variety of stakeholders to organize their activities in a sustainable way.

    Do you like to hang your clean laundry outside? Does your insight and experience in the field of circular textiles matter and do you want to contribute to this round table? Send an e-mail to Claire Teurlings .