Booking Booster

  • Circulaire Economie
  • Booster Programme

    Between 8 and 12 startups will be selected to spend 3 weeks in June 2017 at headquarters in Amsterdam. Two representatives per startup will have the opportunity to learn about scaling their business, growing and measuring their social impact, organisational growth, marketing, enhancing their value proposition, investing, financial practices and more.

    Financial Support

    Startups that are invited to participate in the programme must demonstrate that they are ready to scale their businesses and to have a positive impact on multiple destinations. At the end of the 3-week programme in Amsterdam, they will have the opportunity to pitch their scaling plan to our judges and ask for a grant of anywhere between €100-500k to execute their plan.

    Mentorship experts will be available to mentor startups in executing their scaling plan. Mentorship will be available for 6 to 9 months, starting during the 3-week booster programme in Amsterdam.

    Send in your application by March 1 2017. More info: