Launch Lower Energy Acceleration Programme – LEAP

Advancing digitisation of society ensures that more and more data is generated, sent and stored. Data centers facilitate this data traffic, while hardware and software are often the property of customers. Due to the growth of data usage, the demand for electrical energy is increasing.

The amount of electrical energy required is expected to double in 2030 compared to current energy consumption.

Role Board

Mobilising parties into a coalition, initiating and investigating pilots.


During the first phase, 20 coalition partners will investigate the possibilities for energy savings without loss of performance through pilots. The first results are expected in April 2020. In the second phase (start Q1 2020) we answer the question of how we can build innovations for the future generation of data centers. The results of LEAP are discussed with the government as potential input for new policy.

“A coalition of companies from the Amsterdam data center chain is going to work together with governments in the data center energy saving initiativeLEAP”. This is expected to reduce energy consumption in data centers by up to 40 percent over the next three years. With the initiative, the government, industry and knowledge institutions are working together to realise a sustainable digital economy at a faster pace. During the first phase, 20 coalition partners will, in pilots, investigate the possibilities for energy savings, without loss of performance. ”

Marjolein Bot, Challenge Lead Energy

In the news (Dutch)

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Join us?

We are looking for partners that actively want to join LEAP. Should you want o know more, please contact Marjolein Bot.

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